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Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus Tooth

Carcharodontosaurus, or the “African T-Rex,” was a large carnivorous dinosaur, belonging to the same suborder Theropoda which contains the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, and is now considered larger than the T-Rex. These dinosaur fossils have been discovered in Northern Africa regions.

Name: Carcharodontosaurus (Shark toothed lizard).

Named By: Ernst Stromer - 1931.

Diet: Carnivore.

Size: Estimated between 12 and 13 meters long.

Known locations: Algeria - Continental Intercalaire Formation, Brazil - Alcântara Formation?, Egypt - Baharîje Formation, Mut Formation, Morocco - Aoufous Formation, Kem Formation, Niger - Continental Intercalaire Formation, Echkar Formation, Elrhaz Formation, and Tunisia - Chenini Formation, Continental Intercalaire Formation.

Time period: Albian to Cenomanian of the Cretaceous.

Carcharodontosaurus Teeth

Our Carcharodontosaurus teeth range from juvenile tooth fossils around 0.9 inches to 5 inches for an adult tooth fossil. Our dinosaur tooth fossils come with a free stand and mineral tack as well as Certificate of Authenticity.