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Fish Fossil Collection

Look what we found for you!  We are excited to bring you the newest fish fossils that we’ve handpicked for our online product offerings! We travel throughout the year to bring you fish fossils from around the globe that are new, exciting, and unique. Perhaps this collection will inspire your own creativity in gift-giving, educating, collecting, or just appreciating a unique possession. Check back with our fish fossil collection often as it changes regularly. Have a question?  Don't hesitate to reach out and ask us.

Around the World

Our fish fossil collection includes unique pieces sourced internationally.

  • Green River Formation Fish Fossils – Found in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming
  • Moroccan Fossil Fish – Found in North Africa
  • Lebanon Fossil Fish – Found in Western Asia
  • Mozambique Fossil Fish – Found in Southern Africa
  • Chinese Fossil Fish – Found in East Asia

Want to learn more about how we source our fossils? Call 208-502-0024.