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Calcite Crystal Minerals Collection

Calcite is commonly found in limestone deposits, but may also be found in volcanic or mantle-derived rocks.  It is also a common deposit in the stalacites and stalagmites found in limestone caverns, but can also be a vein mineral in other specimens.  Calcite is a carbonate mineral that gets its name from the German word, “Calcite,” which in turn, received its name from the Latin word for lime, “Calx.”  (having the suffix, “ite” added to designate it as a mineral).  Being a carbonate, it is easily dissolved in most forms of acid.  Some geologists refer to some translucent banded calcite, as “Alabaster.”  Calcite has a hardness of 3.  Calcite can be phosphorescent, meaning it may glow in the dark after being charged with light.  This characteristic is related to fluorescence and is a demonstration of calcite’s ability to store light energy.  It’s range of uses span the military, agricultural, artistic, construction, and toy industries.