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Sphere Collection

Crystal or gemstone spheres can be shaped from many different and wonderful materials. Some are drawn irresistibly by the stunning, or simple beauty of a unique sphere, while others may seek specific materials or colors for healing and balancing energy work. You will find sphere collecting fascinating on many levels.  We strive to provide you with a frequently updated selection to meet your varied needs.  It is said that you do not choose a crystal sphere, a crystal sphere chooses you.  Perhaps then, we don't "own" these, we are just stewards for a time (don't worry, we will still give you a receipt).  You may "recognize" your sphere today when you see it, and when you bring it home, you will know it is right for you.  Or, you will know who it is meant for, and give it as a gift.  It is our hope that the natural balance the sphere demonstrates will inspire balance for you.  Spheres are like pets; adopt yours today.  (Metaphysical properties of items listed are provided for informational purposes only, and no life altering results are guaranteed.)