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Azurite & Malachite Collection

Azurite is a soft, deep blue copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. It is also known as Chessylite after the type harvested locally at Chessy-les-Mines near Lyon, France. Azurite is typically found as tabular to prismatic crystals with splendid vitreous faces, often found with malachite which may form green stains or specks on the Azurite crystals. There are over 45 well-known forms, and over 100 forms have been described. The Azurite name is derived from the Arabic word for blue. It is also referred to as the "Stone of Heaven". The intense color of azurite makes it a popular collector's stone.

Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral. Malachite is the result of the oxidation of copper sulfide minerals. It is found associated with azurite. It has long been used as a source of copper, pigments, and decorative objects.