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A mineral is a naturally occurring inorganic solid, with a definite chemical composition, and an ordered atomic arrangement. This may seem a bit of a mouthful, but if you break down the facts, learning about our mineral rocks for sale becomes simpler.

More on Our Mineral Rocks for Sale

  • Minerals are inorganic (inorganics include salts, metals, substances made from single elements and any other compound that does not contain: carbon bonded to hydrogen)
  • They have never been alive and are not made up from plants or animals (see fossil collection for those- we carry them too, of course)
  • Minerals are solids, not liquids or gas
  • Minerals have a definite chemical composition
  • Minerals have an ordered atomic arrangement
  • Each mineral is made of a particular mix of chemical elements
  • The chemical elements that make up each mineral rock for sale are arranged in a particular way - this is why minerals 'grow' as crystals