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Fossil Age Minerals is a leading online rock, gem, fossil, and mineral retailer. We have curated a number of fossil collections including: dinosaur fossils, raw minerals, mammal fossils, plant fossils and more!

We Love Collecting Just As Much As You

Fossil Age Minerals was founded on the joys of discovery and learning. As a fossil and mineral retailer, we’ve worked hard to provide a wide range of collections for beginners as well as experienced collectors.

Buy fossils under $20 or invest in rare Cretaceous Age Carcharodontosaurus teeth. Our mineral collection includes raw gemstones such as amethyst and lapis lazuli. We also carry popular scientific rock specimens such as malachite and pyrite.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Our love of collecting rocks, gems, fossils, and minerals means we offer an Authenticity Guarantee with our Dinosaur Fossils. A Certificate of Authenticity is available upon request.

We source products from trusted suppliers. If you ever have a question about our products, call us at 208-502-0024 or email

Real dinosaur fossils for sale

Looking for world-class fossils? You have finally found the real deal; a well trusted online fossil store! Fossil Age Minerals offers real fossils for sale! Don’t let our prices fool you; our passion to share these natural wonders compels us to offer very reasonable prices for authentic fossils. We care about the new fossil collector, the teacher, and the grandparent with the dinosaur loving grandchild. We aim to balance our business needs with our mission to share our great passion for natural history with like-minded antiquarians, collectors and stewards of the past.

Fossils connect us with a shared past, imparting profound perspective and wonder. Holding a serrated megalodon shark tooth, an amber insect fossil, or a small trilobite fossil creature that lived millions of years ago is a unique experience every time. We carry an extensive variety of species featuring dinosaur specimens spanning each major era. From fish fossils for your kitchen backsplash to ankylosaurus bones for your grandson, together, we preserve the past, affordably.

We also carry higher end rare fossils! Many tenured private collectors have stumbled across us looking for hard-to-find genuine dinosaur fossils they wished to acquire confidently, online. They tested the waters with us, purchasing several smaller items first. Once they experienced our commitment to quality and service first-hand, they trusted us with larger purchases… online. These very rare items are just as exciting for us to secure and provide as they are for you to receive! We are in the customer/provider relationship for the long haul, we want to earn your confidence, and continue to earn it with each item you purchase.


We guarantee our hand selected dinosaur fossils with a 60-day return policy and a certificate of authenticity. We are careful to ensure that our fossils are legally collected and can be legally sold (private land origin). You can be secure in knowing that we guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of every item we feature. We only offer real dinosaur fossils for sale. Our commitment to provide our customers with the best fossils has earned us a loyal following. We know you have many options to buy online, but very few options to buy with great confidence.

State of the art shopping experience

Shop our collections of dinosaur tooth fossils and dinosaur claw fossils, or our very popular megalodon fossils. Looking for Spinosaurus claws, plant fossils, or cephalopod specimens? You will find our collections to be organized and easy to navigate. We keep our inventory fresh and exciting so you can find the perfect gift idea for that difficult-to-shop-for friend, your hard-to-impress boss, or your own discerning inner collector. You’ll want to return here often to see the newest additions, so bookmark this page, to see our newest items first. Our shopping cart is simple to use and secure. You will soon understand why much of our business is returning buyers who discovered their online gems, inside an online gem (kinda like a ghost quartz). Now go on, satisfy your deepest hankerings for the prehistoric with abundant peace of mind.

A mind for minerals

Mining for knowledge about crystals or minerals? We strive to ensure your shopping experience is as educational as it is fun. Our beautiful crystal, mineral and petrified wood items are sold as geodes, clusters, points, pocket stones, or carved gemstones, to ensure you can always enjoy something special in your home or on the go.

Items purchased from Fossil Age Minerals are comparable in quality to those that can be seen in well-respected museums. It is possible to find and purchase stunning crystal and mineral items from Arogonite to Zeolite, here. We earned our ratings as a trusted fossil store online. Our ratings reflect the commitment to quality, authenticity, and service in cyberspace (where integrity is often illusive, yet so integral to collectors of relics and ancient treasures).

Under the sea

Ammonite fossils, cephalopod fossils, mosasaur, and sea urchin fossils, along with ancient sea corals, plesiosaur fossils and trilobites entice our customers to revisit the ancient oceans. Prior to the ice age, there was much more ocean (in liquid form). Mosasaur was the T-Rex of the sea in those prehistoric times, and ammonites were “what’s for dinner.” Is the loch Ness monster really a plesiosaur? As mysterious as ever, the oceans call to us all, she poses ever more questions than she yields answers. You will find plenty to ponder, when you look under the sea.

On land

Spinosaurus was one of the largest of all meat eaters ever to wander the earth. Leaving behind impressive teeth, claws, and other fossilized bones like the iconic spined vertebrae, this massive carnivore gives us a breath-taking glimpse into a world ruled by giants. The largest plant eaters, or sauropdods, such as brachiosaurus, diplodocus, and titanosaurus shared a lush world of beautiful edible plants and shared the secrets for their enormous size by leaving behind gasrolithes, specialized teeth, and plant fossils that help us piece together their success story, and woeful demise.

Reading their Fossil stories, we can discover a tale of massive biological success, followed by extinction. If creatures of this size and strength can rule the earth, and be so fragile, what questions should we ask? We believe education is the key to understanding the world we live in. Fossil Age Minerals hopes to encourage curiosity and education. Existing here, in cyberspace, to place a trove of truthful treasures in the hands of future generations, we aim to do our part in the stuardship of this story, and make a way for you to do the same. Thank you for Visiting Fossil Age Minerals!

What types of fossils and minerals do you offer?

We have a huge collection of fossils and minerals from all around the world.

You can explore our fossil collection here:

You can explore our mineral collection here:

Can you tell me more about your collection of dinosaur fossils?

Our fossil collection includes dinosaur fossils from all around the world. You can explore our collection by clicking on the below link:

Do you offer educational resources for teachers and parents?

We offer free products and discounts for teachers for educational purposes.

How can I contact your customer support team?

You can contact our customer support team by simply clicking on this link or call us at 208-502-0024.

Are your fossils and minerals suitable for display purposes?

Yes! All our fossils and minerals are suitable for display purposes and we also offer display cases for enthusiasts keen on keeping their collection safe.

Can you provide information on the preservation methods used for your fossils?

Depending on the type and condition of the fossils, we perform preservative and restoration activities. It mostly includes stabilizers and glue. For more information, you can visit the below link:

Are your fossils and minerals accompanied by detailed descriptions or information about their origin?

Yes! All our fossils and minerals are accompanied by a detailed description or information about its origin, weight and other useful information.

Do you offer any special discounts or promotions for repeat customers?

We run promotions on holidays throughout the year and send private/exclusive emails to our customers with amazing discounts.