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About us

I was born in England to American parents and have been in the fossil, rock, and mineral industry in some way or another for some time now.  The joy of discovery and learning has always been a part of who I am.  I attended a university in Spain and also here in America.

I enjoyed collecting even as a child, with my father, who always loved finding interesting things.  My father, now 81, still enthusiastically helps me find quality materials for my websites-some from his very own private collection, to share with you.  

Because my father worked for the United States government, most of my early life was spent in Europe.  The history of Europe is rich both geologically, and culturally.

I have always enjoyed collecting fossils, rocks, and minerals because of their ability to capture nature's beauty.  I found many cultural artifacts in Europe as well.  Each specimen is special and unique, and tells a story.  While living in Spain I became fluent in Spanish, which has always been a great help to me.  My early exposure to several different cultures and geological environments shaped my love of fossils and minerals.

I am 45 now, married, and living in San Antonio, TX, where many fossils abound in the unique limestone-rich geography.  San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in America.  It sits on a complex system of Aquifers, and used to be completely under water.  It is fascinating to see the exposed layers of sediment here, and to find ancient aquatic creatures or arrow heads, here, in our own home-city.

Fossils, rocks and minerals are a reminder of all that is good, worthwhile, and wholesome in the universe.  They remind us of the past, and challenge us to create and preserve a positive future for the next generation. 

I have recently acquired an established website:  Great  I merged my own site with it, and I hope to encourage others in their joy of collecting.