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About us

Welcome to the World of Authentic Fossils

Over the past two decades, Fossil Age Minerals (formerly has emerged as the preferred retailer of authentically preserved fossils and minerals, for you, our discerning collector. We are honored to be your accredited choice for precious minerals and rare fossils from around the world.

Having carefully shipped over 20k orders to more than 10k customers internationally, our team of researchers, fossil collection experts, and preservation specialists’ attention to detail endures.  Your satisfaction is our success. We are full of gratitude to see our list of repeat customers grow. 

There are simply no shortcuts in the industry of building trust online in such a unique industry as authentic fossils. We understand that delivering consistent quality over time is key.  Our personally vetted excavators and paleontologists share our dedication to authenticity and care. Our select team of tenured restoration and preservation experts ensure that the quality of each fossil and mineral is delivered to your doorstep demonstrating our respect for the natural treasures we cherish.

Fossil Age Minerals would like to extend a special welcome to the teachers and parents who visit our site.  We recognize the high educational value of the items we carry. Our shared passion for educating the next generation in the sciences compels us to feature affordable, high quality educational assets here.  We hope we have done justice to our shared mission, and we thank you for all you do.   

We are in the long process of updating all listings to include Certificates of Authenticity. Take your time in reading each detailed listing; fossils that already include COA’s at this time are clearly marked, “COA Included.” If your favorite listing does not yet show “COA included,” feel free to request one and we will happily include a COA for your item, early.     

Fossil Age Minerals continually expands our collections for your prospecting delight: 

Fish fossils           Ammonite fossils                  Trilobites fossils

Plant fossils         Crustacean fossils                Dinosaur Fossils

Minerals                Echinoderm fossils              Reptile fossils

Meteorites           Teeth fossils                            Megalodon Teeth

Insect fossils        Mineral spheres                   Gastroliths Stones

Our unique collection of hard to find Dinosaur fossils sets Fossil Age Minerals apart in our industry. This collection includes specimens of: Daspletosaurus, Globidens Mosasaurus, Platecarpus, Brachylophosaurus, and more. Our evolving collection of dinosaur fossils includes teeth, claws, bones, and bone fragments, both in and out of matrix.  Bookmark and revisit this unique collection often for the latest additions.  

About the Owner of Fossil Age Minerals 

I was born in England to American parents (both teachers). One of my favorite activities of early childhood was experiencing the thrill of unearthing minerals and fossils for my own growing collection.  Because my father also served with the United States government, we eventually moved to Europe where my passion for historical finds expanded.  My father would eagerly share his love of history with me, bringing my discoveries to life.  It was also my father who later came forward to lend a helping hand in turning my long-standing passion into a profession.   

It is our deepest wish at Fossil Age Minerals to share in collaboration with you, our great joy and respect for the precious fossils and minerals of the world.  They are always a reminder that our world is full of treasures, but only when we learn to see and respect them, to hear the stories they tell us, even stories about ourselves.  We are the stewards and protectors of these resources we hold dear.    

We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to your contacting us.  You will find us to be responsive and as enthusiastic as you are.  Feel free to connect with our customer support team by phone or email, to let us know how we can assist you today.   

Best Regards, Spencer