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Authenticity Guarantee

Our sources are always trusted and we ourselves are knowledgeable enough to verify the authenticity of the specimens that we offer. If the item is a replica, which is infrequent in the case of fossils it will be clearly labeled as a reproduction. As such we guarantee the authenticity of all our material unless marked otherwise.

If there is ever a question of authenticity, or if a fossil restoration fails to be accurate the specimen can be returned for a full refund. Our return policy of 60 days also allows returns for any reason.

Repair of fossils

More frequently than not fossils, when collected, are in pieces and as such require repair.  Actually, it is an exception if repairs are not needed in the material from the dinosaur era.  Almost always there is a need for gluing and stabilizing.

Good repairs are hard to see most of the time even if the fossil came out of the ground as a large puzzle, which it almost always does. Good repairs only enhance the value.

Restoration of Fossils

Restoration refers to the reconstruction of missing or damaged parts of a fossil. The restorations can be very small to very complicated.  When you attend a museum almost all the outstanding fossils have some type of restoration in which the fossil was restored.  As you will note in the museum this only adds to the beauty and real substance of the fossil display.

Depending on the type of fossil and its location most material has some type of restoration. With very old fossils it is very rare not to have some restoration. Perfect specimens are few and far between as well as very costly.

We will try to let you know about any restoration in an item's description.

If you need to talk to us or have questions about any of the material we have please do not hesitate to call us, and we will help you in any way we can 208-502-0024