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58MM Septarian Dragon Stone Vug Egg Mineral Healing Specimen Madagascar Stand


Location: Madagascar

Weight: 11.8 Ounces 

Dimensions: 58MM   2.3 Inches Wide, 3 Inches Tall

Come with a Free Rosewood stand.

The item pictured is the one you will receive.  

Septarian Dragon Stone:

Septarian is a unique stone found in only a few places on earth. In the USA Septarians are found near Zion  National Park in Southern Utah. They are also found in Mahajanga in Madagascar and Morocco. They were formed on an ancient seafloor during the Cretaceous Period (50-70 million years ago). As they weathered out of the gray or tan clay hills, one at a time, they could be picked up on the surface. Now bulldozers are required for their excavation, usually 20-30 feet underground. Septarian nodules are unusual to look at and can vary considerably in color and shape.


Yellow centers - Calcite                    Brown lines - Aragonite

Gray rock - Bentonite                       White or clear – Barite

Septarian is also known as 'Dragon Stone' Its name 'Dragon Stone' comes from an old Malagasy legend.

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