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Pterosaur Fossils are Rare- Why?

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles of the extinct clade or order Pterosauria. They are the earliest vertebrates who have evolved powered flight. They had a variety of lifestyles and were traditionally seen as fish-eaters, fruit-eaters, and predators of other pterosaurs. They reproduce by eggs. 

Some of the pterosaurs lived close to the places where fossils were formed, but their bones were fragile and very poorly preserved. That’s why most Pterosaur Fossils were incomplete. But to create a picture of this species, paleontologists gather information from numerous fossils and draw a conclusion from related pterosaurs. 

 Pterosaur Dinosaur

Do you know that of all the Pterosaurs that ever lived, only some of them died under the right conditions to be captured as fossils? This happened because their bones were thin and fragile like bird bones, so they easily drifted apart or shattered before they could be preserved.

The primary reason for Pterosaur Fossils being rare is they can easily get damaged when extracted, transported, or prepared for display or study. The evidence is minimal, and each fossil just provides a hint of a wide variety of pterosaur that once existed on the globe. 

Pterosaur Tooth

One of the oldest Pterosaurs, which was around 220 million years old known as Preondactylus buffarinii, was found near Preone, a village in the Italian Alps. The complete specimen of Pterosaur discovered so far was broken into several pieces when it was removed from the surrounding rock, and the worst part is most of the brittle skeleton was not found. All that remains are small fragments that are imprints of the rest of the bones. 

Pterosaur fossils are found very rarely, and that’s why now people are preserving them properly. As they are sporadic, their demand is also very high. You can find a wide array of fossil stores online as well as offline, but not all of them have a stock of pterosaur fossils for saleThese fossils are delivered on particular recommendations, and only a few get the chance to buy them from fossil stores.

They have to be preserved in a unique manner as they are fragile and can be shattered easily. There are many museums where these fossils can be seen, but no one is allowed to touch them as they are breakable. 

Bottom Line

You may be thinking that if these fossils are so rare, then you have to pay a significant amount for them. But if you find a platform where you will buy them at an affordable rate, then nothing is more exciting than that. Fossil age minerals are the name you can trust without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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