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Explore The Beautiful Collection of Ammonite Fossil

Are you someone who loves to collect fossils and waiting for Ammonite Fossils to be available at a cheap price? Well, good news for fossil lovers. Ammonite Fossil for sale is meant especially for fossil lovers.

Information about Ammonite Fossil-

When the earth had only one continent without forests or mammals, the Tethys ocean was hunted by the schools of ammonites. Ammonites are squid-like creatures with sharp, beak-like jaws buried in tentacle rings and could eat what they could catch.

Like dinosaurs, ammonites became extinct about 66 million years ago. They got demise when an asteroid strikes the earth and cools the climate. 

Two species of ammonites named Placenticeras meeki and Placenticeras intercalare turned slowly into stunning colored fossils which were later named Ammonite when countless millennia passed.

ammonite fossil

Feature of Ammonite Fossil-

Most of the Ammonite is either green or red. The unusual one is violet and blue Ammonite but more valuable also. 

Blue and violet Ammonite is defined as either fractured or sheet Ammonite. Sheet Ammonite is an unbroken piece of continuous colors. Fractured Ammonite looks like stained glass. 

Sheet Ammonite is impregnated with a polymer in order to provide stability to its thin surface layer. Ammonites are always assembled into a doublet or triplet because of thin layers. Sometimes, to form a doublet, Ammonite is backed often with shale, glass, or black onyx material.

Benefits you will get if you choose to buy Ammonite Fossil 

If you choose to purchase Ammonite Fossils available in a sale from fossil age minerals, you will get a certificate of authenticity. Certificate of authenticity includes information like location and year of excavation. 

Fossil age minerals will further complete the essential documents required for international exportation like Federal Government Export Permit.

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