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A Look at the Life Cycle of Ancient Fish Fossils

The Discovery of fossilized remains of a fish that grew big just like a great white shark and the largest of its type ever was done accidentally. Further researchers have analyzed Ancient Fish Fossils found in Canada and Miguasha and revealed new insights into how the human hand evolved from fish.

The Evolution of Human Hands from Ancient Fish Fossils -

As per researchers, the incident happened millions of years ago in the Late Devonian period as fish began to foray into habits such as land on shallow water.

The study further claimed that the complete arm—pectoral fin was shown by a 1.57-meter long fossil for the very first time. 

The scientists assessed the skeleton of the pectoral fin through high-energy X-Ray CT scans and revealed the presence of humerus (arm), radius and ulna (forearm), rows of the carpus (wrist), and phalanges (fingers) organized in digits. A professor named John Long claimed that they have discovered fingers locked in a fin with fin-rays in any known fish for the very first time. 

Long further claimed that the fin has articulating digits that resemble the finger bones found in the hands of most animals. According to the researchers, the patterning for the vertebrate's hand was developed deep in evolution for the first time just before fishes left the water.

As per the studies, the most significant event in the history of life was the evolution of fishes into four-legged vertebrates. They also claimed that the most significant change was the evolution of feet and hands. 

A researcher named Cloutier said that the other features of the study revealed concerning the structure of upper arm bone or humerus, showing the features present shared with early amphibians.

An intermediate between fishes and tetrapods was “elpistostege”, a transitional fossil. 

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