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A Quick Guide To Taking Care Of Your Fossils

Finding fossils is amazing because you've discovered evidence of something that existed millions of years ago. However, preserving them is challenging due to their fragile nature, which necessitates your undivided care. It's critical to take adequate care of them as historical relics, and this is true even for the fossils you acquire, whether it's an Orthacanthus Shark Tooth for sale or a Rare Eutrichiurides Fossil Fish Tooth.


Here's a basic primer on how to care for fossils:

1). Clean them before storage

Cleaning fossils to remove dirt and residue is the first step in preserving them. Cleaning fossils found on the ground can be done with a soft brush. Use a moderate bleach and water solution for those found in a seaside location. Soak them for a few minutes in the solution, then brush them to remove any salt residue. Because they are delicate, handle and brush them gently.

2). Fix broken parts

Because fossils are millions of years old, they are prone to breaking and developing fissures. The majority of fossils discovered are fractured or missing fragments. And there's a good probability the one you found is in a similar state. It's critical to reassemble and glue every damaged piece to ensure they stay together. When bonding them, however, use caution and only apply adhesive to the areas that need to be amended or strengthened.

3). Put them in a box

Whether you unearth a fossil yourself or purchase an Othracanthus Shark Tooth for sale, it must be stored in a specific box to avoid moisture and dust. Different compartments should be included in a fossil box so that you can correctly organize your fossils and avoid damage to them. If you wish to get rid of them, you could choose to purchase a glass cabinet made especially for fossils.


If you're looking for an Othracanthus shark tooth for sale or any other fish fossil, be sure to read the above-mentioned guidance suggestions so you can properly care for it.

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