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Some Unbelievable Facts About Spinosaurus Fossils

Before discovering Spinosaurus, many scientists believed that T-rex was one of the biggest carnivores of all time. After the discovery of Spinosaurus fossils, we all know that we have even bigger carnivores among them. The Spinosaurus belongs to theropod dinosaurs, which come to be known from their incomplete fossil discovery. This creature was bigger and longer than Tyrannosaurus, with those long, narrow skulls that totally resembled crocodiles. However, Spinosaurus bones and skulls were more dense than other theropods. This creature was well adapted to aquatic life, and their nostrils were further up on their scout than others. Many researchers believe that Spinosaurus use their sail to give warning signals to violators. We at Fossil Age Minerals provide you the Spinosaurus fossils for sale, the interested buyer can buy the fossils with us.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Unknown Facts That Makes Spinosaurus Different From Other Creatures Spinosaurus were the biggest living creature that lived during the middle Cretaceous period, and about their name that simply means ‘spiny lizard’ due to their large, flat-back spines. Do you know their first skeleton was found in North Africa, and they generally live a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Most of us do not know that Spinosaurus had small legs and most probably spent their time living around the water. Here is a list of interesting facts about Spinosaurus that you must know. If you are a fossil collector then adding our Spinosaurus fossils for sale would be a great deal for you.

1. Spinosaurus Eating Habits
Spinosaurus had powerful jaws that made it easy for them to hunt small dinosaurs
easily. Like other members of the dinosaur group, Spinosaurus have a narrow snout and a typical notch near the front of their jaws. The snout makes it easy for them to trap fish and other small creatures. Spinosaurus teeth were straight in shape, and their large mouths were perfect for grabbing slippery creatures. 

2. Spinosaurus Had A Massive Sail On Back Most of the unusual features found in Spinosaurus was the massive sail on their back. The sail size was almost seven feet, and scientists believe that they use this sail to regulate their body temperature and to give warning signals to other predators. The sail even helps Spinosaurus to move properly in the water. 

3. Spinosaurus Was A Theropod Dinosaur Theropod is a classification of two-footed dinosaurs that includes all of the flesh-eating dinosaurs. It is a diverse range of dinosaurs, including small creatures and bigger predators like Spinosaurus.

4. Spinosaurus Are Intelligent Spinosaurus was bigger in size, so it had a large brain, which means that they were more intelligent than other creatures. The combination of their superior body and excellent intelligence makes Spinosaurus a great hunter. Makes it easy to grab their target. Spinosaurus teeth have different shapes, and with their intelligence, it. Having our Spinosaurus teeth for sale makes your collecting look more complete. 

5. Spinosaurus Body Spinosaurus had a neck that was almost six feet long with a narrow snout and straight teeth. They had scaly skin that was covered all around their neck. Spinosaurus was also considered to be the most advanced theropod that walks on two legs, along with a fairly high-level intelligence. They actually were bipedal that similarly means they walked on their two legs, which made them run fast to catch their target. Their arms were way smaller than their legs. 

Complete Your Fossil Collection With Spinosaurus Fossils Here!  Spinosaurus belongs to a theropod dinosaur, come to know from their incomplete fossil discovery. This creature was bigger and longer than Tyrannosaurus, with those long, narrow skulls that totally resembled crocodiles. Spinosaurus was the biggest living creature that lived during the middle Cretaceous period, and their name means ‘spiny lizard’ due to its large, flat back spines. This creature was well adapted to aquatic life, and their nostrils were further up on their scout than others. If you are a fossil lover and want to get Spinosaurus fossils for sale. Contact us at Fossil Age Minerals and grab the best deal!

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