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Discoveries-Unveiling the Ancient Triceratops Fossil

Do you know that triceratops are one of the most known dinosaurs because of their unique, popular three horns on their head? Their amazing horns were to protect them from other predators. On the other hand, some also believe that the triceratops' horns were for showing dominance or attracting mates, as antlers of any deer and the mountain goat. Additionally, the triceratops also have frilly faces, as if they are big shields. Scientists also believe that the frill face is used to help the triceratops to regulate the body temperature, such as an umbrella on your face. Additionally, It was the bird-hipped dinosaur and was also the last of the long lines of the ceratopsian dinosaurs. Triceratops fossils have been found in northern Montana.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Facts You Should Know About The Triceratops Fossils Are you curious about the triceratops fossils?

Well, triceratops were one of the most interesting and popular dinosaurs. They have a more unique appearance than other dinosaurs. If you want to know more about the triceratops, then you must read the below-mentioned tips. With the help of this article have strived to provide you with the most intersecting fact. Continue reading for more information: 

  1. Triceratops Means ‘three-Horned Face When it comes to the name of the triceratops, the word “tri” has been taken from the Greek language, meaning “three,” and the half-other one is “keratop,” which means honed face. 
  1. Triceratops Was Discovered In 1887 Years ago, back in 1887, the First triceratops specimen was discovered; though it was thought to be the species of the bison, they were later found as horned dinosaurs.  
  1. Triceratops Was One Of The Last Dinosaurs The Triceratops was considered one of the nonflying dinosaurs after evolving. They were part of the Late Cretaceous Period (145.5 million to 65 million years ago) when the dinosaurs were wiped out from the triceratops were there. 
  1. Triceratops Was Formidable The fact about the size of the dinosaurs may astound you. These triceratops were big in size, stretching up to nine meters in length, which is almost longer than a bus. Additionally, the weight of these tricertops was around six to eight tons. It also has a big head. There is also a skull that is three meters long. Moreover, in some species, bite marks have also been found, such as the one fossil where the horn was bitten off. 
  1. Triceratops’ Horns Changed As It Grew The younger triceratops' straight and small hone above their eyes. With their growth, the horns started curving backward, and these triceratops reached adulthood, and their horns curved forwards. The horn of the nose was made of keratin, similar to human fingernails. If you are a fossil collector, you can also find the triceratops fossils for sale at affordable prices.
  1. Triceratops Had A Beak The triceratops had a beak, such as a bird, which helped them clip through the hard vegetation that formed their diet. Moreover, it has hundreds of teeth in its jaws that are used to ground the food properly.

Where Imagination Meets Ancient Reality!

Fossils are the best way to experience and discover the reality of ancient times. Triceratops was one of the most popular dinosaurs that had unique appearances. Though in several movies and shows, triceratops are demonstrated as herding animals such as bison and elephants, no evidence makes it right or true. We hope the tips mentioned above will help you to get an idea about the triceratops and triceratops fossils.If you are looking for a place where you can get these species’ fossils, then you must consider the  Fossil Age Minerals. We have a huge collection of fossils for both beginner and experienced collectors. Reach out to us today!  


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