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7" Oreodont Merycoidodon Fossil Skull Teeth Oligocene Age Badlands SD COA Stand


Location: South Dakota, White River Formation, Pennington County

Weight: 3 Pounds 14.9 Ounces (With Metal Stand)

Dimensions 8 Inches Long, 7 Inches Wide, 4 Inches Wide (With Metal Stand)

Skull Dimensions 7 Inches Long, 4.2 Inches Wide, 3.4 Inches Wide

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Comes with a Free Custom Stand.

The Item Pictured is The One You Will Receive.  

Lived in the Oligocene Age 46-16 Million Years Ago

Oreodont Merycoidodon was an extinct genus of herbivorous artiodactyl belonging to the family Merycoidodontidae, native to North America during the Middle Eocene to Middle Miocene (approximately 46-16 million years ago). This oreodont species, also known as “hillock teeth,” had a body size similar to a modern sheep and short limbs. Its skull was elongated, with a pit in front of the eyes that may have contained a scent gland for marking territory. Merycoidodon’s molars were adapted for grinding tough vegetation, and it had strong canines. Fossils of this animal have been discovered from various locations in North America, including South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oregon.

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