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Know Interesting Facts About Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossils For Sale

If you just mention the word Tyrannosaurus, people will immediately think of the king of the dinosaur species 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'’. With the broader classification of dinosaur species, the definition of Tyrannosaurus can be identified with arcane anatomical features and broad swathes of physiology. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is best described as a large, bipedal, meat-eating theropod dinosaur possessing powerful legs and torsos with large, heavy heads studded with numerous sharp teeth and tiny vestigial-looking arms. We at Fossil Age Minerals offer you the Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils for sale the keen can buy the fossils with us.

Tyrannosaurus Rex 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Lifestyles and Behavior!

Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils were first discovered in Guanlong, which is one of the oldest fossils dating back 160 million years ago. From the modern perspective, according to the research, the puzzling thing about Tyrannosaurus is their tiny limbs, especially compared to the long arms and flexible hands of their raptor cousins. Today, the professional paleontologists who had studied deeply about them think the function of these stunted limbs was to lever them to an upright position while they were lying on the ground. However, according to some facts, it is also stated that tyrannosaurs used their short arms to clutch prey tightly to their chests, or even in the process of mating with the female to get a good grip. Tyrannosaurus is not the only dinosaur possessing comically short arms; the arms of Carnotaurus, a non-tyrannosaur theropod, were even shorter. You can get tyrannosaurus rex teeth for sale, which are found obviously rarely within our services. 

  1. Not The Biggest Meat Eating Dinosaur There is an assumption, according to the researchers and facts, that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the biggest among all the dinosaurs in North America that ever lived. However, the researchers state the fact that there were two more carnivorous dinosaurs who were outclassed and equal to the Tyrannosaurus. One was a South American Giganotosaurus, and the other was a Northern African Spinosaurus. These three gigantic species never had the chance to combat each other since they lived in different times and places, with differentiation for millions of years and thousands of miles.

  1. Limbs Were Not As Tiny As Per The Conceptions One feature of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which makes a debatable yet humorous factor, is that it had tiny limbs, which were disproportionately tiny compared to the rest of its massive body. However, according to the research, it is stated that the limbs of the Tyrannosaurus Rex were approximately three feet long with the capability of bench pressing 400 pounds single-handedly. 

  1. Very Bad Breath The dinosaur species from the Mesozoic Era obviously didn't brush their teeth like we humans. According to the research of the experts, the Tyrannosaurus rex has a septic bite because of its shards of rotten, bacteria-infested meat constantly lodged in its closely packed teeth into a preying tool. The infected tyrannosaurus rex teeth directly killed its wounded prey.  

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Digging up the history is an interesting yet challenging task. However, it comes with a lot of facts and information for mankind. As we know, the era of dinosaurs is no less than another world for us. As the extinct species fossils are very rare to find, there is one place where you can get different dinosaur species fossils. Fossil Age Minerals offers you rare species fossils. You will get tyrannosaurus rex fossils for sale here. To know more, visit our website. 

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