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Hoffmanni Fossils & Other Fossils For Sale At Exclusive Prices!

Are you someone who loves to collect various fossils for personal collection and is waiting to purchase them at reasonable prices? Well, good news for you, Fossil Age Minerals have various fossils and Mosasaurus Hoffmanni Fossils for sale at reasonable prices for fossil lovers.

Basic Information About Mosasaurus Hoffmanni Fossils


Mosasaurus Hoffmanni was a late mosasaur, a ferocious predator that belonged to the cretaceous period from 145.5 million to 65.5 million years ago. While the dinosaurs dominated the land surface, mosasaur utilized its paddle-like limbs to surf through the marine surface and devoured every type of species present in the water with its jaws and sharp teeth.

According to Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, Mosasaurus species were the most prominent members of the mosasaur genus. One of the most significant remains found for the species was recognized as Mosasaurus Hoffmanni, which was estimated to be about 56 feet long. Mosasaurus Hoffmanni went extinct around 65.5 million years ago in a similar mass extinction that led to the extinction of dinosaurs. If you search for Hoffmanni Fossils for sale, get them at the best prices exclusively at Fossil Age Minerals.

Halisaurus Fossils For Sale- Grab Them At The Best Prices!


Are you searching for Halisaurus Fossils for sale? First, get a few highlights about this species of marine reptiles. Halisaurus is the extinct genus of aquatic reptiles that belonged to the mosasaur family. It consisted of angular and essential cranium pieces discovered first in Hornerstown, New Jersey. Othniel Charles Marsh gave its name in the year 1869. Halisaurus means "Ocean lizard," Its remains were discovered from numerous fossil deposits globally, especially in Morocco and the USA. Halisaurus was discovered early in the mosasaurs' history during the Santonian period. Despite its considerable small size, it was a poor swimmer as other dinosaurs of the mosasaur family were adept swimmers. You can get hold of its remains exclusively at Fossil Age Minerals. Grab the deal now!

Hypacrosaurus Fossils For Sale- Historical Facts


  • Hypacrosaurus is a species of hadrosaurid dinosaur. It was first discovered in 1913 by Barnum Brown, a paleontologist of the American Museum Of Natural History.
  • Its name came from Greek words that mean "the largest lizard."
  • Its habitat was in the woodlands of North America.
  • Belonged to the late cretaceous period about 70-65 million years ago
  • It was about 30 feet long and weighed almost up to 4 tons.
  • Their diet consisted of plants.
  • It has a pointed crest, spines protruding out of the backbone, and a crest on its snout.

 Final words

If you are searching for dinosaurs and Hoffmanni Fossils for sale, you get to buy them at the best prices from Fossil Age Minerals. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity that includes information like location and the excavation year. In addition to that, you can also buy different types of fossils at the lowest prices.

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