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Get Corythosaurus And Other Fossils For Sale!

Wondering who exactly were Corythosaur? Corythosaurus, also known as the giant herbivorous dinosaur and helmet lizard, was a duck-billed dinosaur that existed some 75 million years ago. On the other hand, Daspletosaurus, also known as the frightful lizard, was a multi-tonne bipedal predator found in Alberta. Diplodocus was the longest dinosaur with a unique body construction used to roam in western North America primarily.

Suppose you are interested in buying the dinosaur fossils of these unique yet exciting dinosaurs. In that case, this blog will take you through some of the essential facts about Corythosaurus Fossils for sale and others as well.

 Buy Your Favorite Corythosaurus Fossils For Sale


Corythosaurus was about 30 to 31 feet in height and weighed around 3 to 3.8 tons in size. The bony crest on the snout and forehead of this species was the most conspicuous feature of this reptile. The creature's fossilized skin was first discovered in Canada in 1912 by Barnum Brown. Though Corythosaurs wandered in many regions, their fossil remains were discovered in present-day North America from Alberta. The rarest findings of these Corythosaurus Fossil collections include the skin impressions of these animals recovered from the earth's surface. This swamp-dweller fed on low-growing plants and fruits and used to spend much time in the water with their webbed feet and hands. Buy your favorite Corythosaurus Fossils for sale at cost-effective prices from fossil age minerals.

End Your Quest For Daspletosaurus Fossils For Sale


Being a genus of a tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur, Daspletosaurus existed about 74 million years ago. With their dozens of large, sharp teeth, Daspletosaurus was at the top of the food chain and thus came to be known as the apex predator. With a height of 26–30 ft and mass estimates of around 2.5 tonnes, these largest dinosaur species had unique skull features and the longest forelimbs. When Daspletosaurus Fossils were discovered, scientists found that they shared the same body form as other tyrannosaurids. End your search for Daspletosaurus Fossils for sale by contacting the best fossil collectors- fossil age minerals.

Get Diplodocus Fossils For Sale


One of the gigantic dinosaurs, Diplodocus, weighed slightly more than 30 tons and had long necks with tiny brains. The majority of Diplodocus species were 6.5 meters long, and the two rows of bones on their underside tails provided them with excellent mobility and extra support. Found in North America, from the Late Jurassic Period, the most commonly displayed dinosaur fossils were discovered in 1878. Suppose you are on the lookout for authentic Diplodocus Fossils for sale. In that case, fossil age minerals can be your best go-to online store for finding your most original yet authentic dinosaur fossils.

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