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Lambeosaurus Fossils for Sale - Get At The Lowest Prices!

If you were looking for Lambeosaurus Fossils for sale, then you are at the right place. Our excavators at Fossil Age Minerals have found some extraordinary and delicate Lambeosaurus Fossils, which are now available for purchase at exclusive prices for fossil lovers. Along with that, you can also get hold of Mosasaurus and Pachycephalosaurus fossils at reasonable prices.

All You Need To Know About Lambeosaurus Fossils


Lambeosaurus is a hadrosaur, also known as a duck-billed dinosaur. It has been named so due to its duck-like snout without front teeth. It had a high head with a hatched-shaped crest having empty nasal air cavities. The dinosaur was a herbivore and weighed almost about 20 tons. The species could stretch itself up to 50 feet in length and was tall, almost up to 7 feet from the hip. It had three long toes, more muscular back legs, and tiny forelimbs. It belonged to the late cretaceous period and lived in North America, Baja, California, Canada, Europe, China, and Russia. If you were searching for Lambeosaurus Fossils for sale, you could purchase them from the exclusive fossil collection on sale at Fossil Age Minerals.

Mosasaurus Fossils For Sale- Factual Information


Gather all the factual information on Mosasaurus Fossils here!

  • The initial remains of mosasaurs were discovered in the Meuse River in Holland around 1764.
  • They lived in seas and oceans in the cretaceous period. Due to this, its fossils were excavated from every continent.
  • They looked slicked and had flipper paddles for arms and legs. Mosasaurs were enveloped with smooth scales that were dark in color.
  • Like snakes, they possessed sharp jaws that could expand to devour whole large prey. Their jaws have a lot of conical teeth that were made for grasping the prey and not for cutting.
  • They were well-known to be the T-Rex of the seas. They did not belong to the species of dinosaurs but were a class of reptiles that returned to the ocean during the Cretaceous Period. Although Mosasaurs were aquatic, they were reptiles that breathed air.

Pachycephalosaurus For Sale- Get At The Lowest Prices!


Pachycephalosaurus for sale is available at exclusive prices only at Fossil Age Minerals. Pachycephalosaurus is the last and the most prominent member of the Pachycephalosaurus family, also referred to as thick-headed dinosaurs. They belonged to Asia and North America. It was a herbivore and walked on hind legs. It was a speedy animal and had eyes located in the front of its skull to provide it with a 3D vision. The species were almost 9 feet long and weighed up to 250 pounds. Pachycephalosaurus had five-fingered claws, powerful legs, and three-toed clawed feet. According to paleontologists, the species skull was 10 inches thick, covered by bony knobs, and used for self-defense. Some fossils of Pachycephalosaurus are in the Fossil collection of Fossil Age Minerals, which you can buy at discounted prices.

Final Words

If you are interested in purchasing Lambeosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, and Mosasaurus Fossils at the lowest prices, contact Fossil Age Minerals. The remains of various dinosaurs are available for purchase and in the best quality exclusively at our website.

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