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Know The Various Edmontosaurus & Lambeosaurus

While many individuals are perceptive dinosaur fossil collectors, some only love to shop for the exclusive ones. If you are one of the individuals who love to collect authentically preserved minerals and fossils and are searching for an online fossil preservation center that sells the same, you have come to the right place. Fossil Age Minerals have experienced fossil researchers and collectors who have carefully collected authentic fossils of the finest and most consistent quality. Some unique fossils curated by our expert paleontologists are Lambeosaurus, Edmontosaurus, and Globidens Mosasaurus


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 1. The Edmontosaurus 

The hadrosaurid dinosaur- Edmontosaurus, existed around 71-65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. The largest species were discovered by paleontologists when they were nine meters long and were known to reach thirteen meters. They weighed around 3.5 tons and had the largest Edmontosaurus teeth, which allowed them to pass the toughest food back and forth with daring muscular pouches. These species were about 39 ft long and had a duck-like beak. Their skulls have no bony cranial crest and are triangular. 

Their teeth were found in the dentaries- the prominent bone of the lower jaw, and the maxillae- the upper cheeks. Also, their teeth grew in columns and were replaced every half a year. Significantly depending on the size of the dinosaurs, the number of columns also varied.

 2. The Lambeosaurus 

The lambeosaurus existed during the late cretaceous period and were the only herbivorous dinosaur known for their rarest hollow cranial crest. These vegetarians had over 100 blunt teeth and rudimentary cheeks. Their blunt teeth allowed them to chew on tough leaves and shoot with their duck-like beak. Besides the hollow nasal passages, the other hollow skull crests, and Lambeosaurus teeth, these species also had other features that gained prominence over the past years and were discovered by paleontologists. 

These species were a subfamily of the hadrosaurids and were the only ones with large eye sockets and sclerotic rings. 

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