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Find Raptor Fossils, Ankylosaur & Tyrannosaurus Rex Teeth For Sale

Millions of years ago, when there were no signs yet of human civilization, our planet was home to mighty, fierce creatures that we today call the dinosaurs. You might have heard of many tales that tell how these dinosaurs lived and what caused their extinction. But have you ever wondered how we got to know about them? The answer to the question lies in their dead remains, called fossils. We offer Raptor fossils, Ankylosaurus teeth, and Tyrannosaurus Rex teeth for sale. 

Below, we discuss each of these in some detail to help you know about these fascinating creatures we have in store for you. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth

Raptor Fossils  

The term Raptor is derived from Velociraptor, a part of the genus dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that inhabited the earth around 75 million years ago, i.e., the late Cretaceous Period. Today, Raptors refer to the ancient carnivorous dinosaurs. An analysis of Raptor Fossils has led the scientists to believe that they later evolved into birds. 

The first Velociraptor fossil was found in 1921 in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. Hollywood has made the fearsome “ Raptor ’’ dinosaurs famous by portraying them in the movie Jurassic Park, and since then, dinosaur enthusiasts have shown interest in these bird-like predators. The Raptor could be two-meter long and had a deadly claw that helped it prevent its prey from escaping. If you want to know more about this creature, you can find rare Raptor Fossils for sale from our exciting collection.

Ankylosaur Teeth 

Ankylosaurs roamed over the continent of North America in a period that dates around 70-66 million years ago. They were dinosaurs with a heavily armored skull, four legs, and a large tail club. Scientists believe that they could weigh as much as 4 Tonnes.  

Many people who look for Tyrannosaurus rex teeth for sale are also interested in knowing more about Ankylosaur teeth and their diet. Thus, we discuss a few things about them which make them unique. The creature has small teeth that were designed in the shape of leaves. For a typical Ankylosaurus, the number of teeth ranges from six to eight in the front part and five to seven in the rear. Analysis has shown that their teeth were not ideal for breaking larger plants and were not grinding teeth. We also know that these creatures were herbivores. 

They grazed on small and low-lying plants, which they picked up with the help of their beaks. If you want to know more about these creatures and their teeth, you can find rare Ankylosaur teeth for sale from us. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex Teeth  

Hailed as the King of Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the most ferocious creatures ever to live on the earth. It weighed between seven and nine tonnes and was forty feet long from its head to the tail. An exciting feature of Tyrannosaurus Rex is that the females were larger when compared to the males. 

The teeth at the front of the jaw of these creatures were tightly packed and were smaller in size, whereas the teeth in the middle were exceptionally long and curved. Their teeth at the rear end of the jaw were even smaller and less curved than those in the middle. 

The small teeth were used to cut and pull the flesh from the dead prey, while the teeth in the middle of the jaw firmly held the struggling prey. The teeth at the rear end were used to generate the heavy force that gave them a ferocious bite. 

Find Tyrannosaurus Rex Teeth for Sale With Fossil Age Minerals! 

Rare fossils are an excellent way to know more about the extinct dinosaurs that once lived on the earth. These fossils are available in various forms like claws and Ankylosaur teeth for sale. With regular excavations and advancements in technology, getting your hands on these fossils at reasonable prices has become possible. At Fossil Age Minerals, we have the most authentic fossils for you preserved using the best processes. Reach out to us to know more about our range of fossils.

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