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Explore Everything You Need To Know About Dinosaur Bones

Do you also get excited every time you see those dinosaur bones in a museum? Although you might know that those prehistoric animal bones are turned into rock through the fossilization process, have you ever wondered if those are real or not? Before searching for a place to purchase dinosaur bones for sale, consider reading the guide below that entails everything you should know about dinosaur fossils and bones.

What Exactly is A Fossil?

Over the years, archaeologists and researchers have excavated fossils from various regions, including lakes, river beds, volcanic ash falls, caves, and ancient tar pits. While fossils are geographically altered ancient remains of extinct animals, they also depict the evidence and proof of the prehistoric lives of many wild animals. 

If you are a fossil collector searching for affordable fossils of dinosaur bones for sale, you might know the different types of fossils buried and found under ancient river beds, ancient seas, sand, and mud are bones. They might include exoskeletons, shells, teeth, foot impressions, stone imprints of animals or microbes, burrows, dung, and other DNA remnants. 

Where Are Dinosaur Fossils Found & How Are They Made?

Many ancient animals never became fossils since their remnants were blown away by wind or water or consumed by other animals. On the other hand, fossilization protected the dinosaur bones from rotting due to multiple layers of sediment. With the decomposition of all the fleshy parts, solid rock copies and the complex aspects of the original specimen like the horns, bones, and teeth remained.

The origin of dinosaur bones and other fossils were the regions of barren ridges and ravines and mainly the outcrops of sedimentary rocks. Geological maps helped paleontologists discover the sedimentary rock layers where dinosaur bones or fossils were found. When exploring all the online stores that offer dinosaur bones for sale, don't forget to choose the experienced ones who commit to providing quality and rare dinosaur fossils.

The Process of Dinosaur Bones Collection & Discovery

Paleontologists travel around the world to discover the different fossils with the help of geologic maps and satellite photos. These experts hike across ridges and through ravines to find the age-old and ancient fragments of fossils exposed on the surface of specific regions. This process is generally called prospecting, where the researchers are expected to cover around 6 to 10 miles per day. 

After the dinosaur bones are found, extra dirt is brushed out, and tools like rock hammers and chisels are used to remove the unwanted rock preserving the dinosaur fossils. Finally, fossil collectors use a unique glue to fill the cracks and fractures found in the bones to make them hold longer. 

Next, the fossilized bones are covered with plaster bandages and damp toilet paper to safely excavate them from the underlying rock and transfer them to the museum or make the dinosaur fossils for sale, ready to ship. 

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