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XL 2.1" Saber Toothed Herring Fossil Fang Enchodus Libycus Cretaceous COA Stand


Location: Oued Zem, Morocco

Weight: 0.4 Ounces

Dimensions: 2.1 Inches Long, 0.7 Inches Wide 0.4 Inches Thick

Comes with a free Acrylic Base. (Stand) & Mineral Tack.

Comes with a free Certificate of Authenticity.

The item pictured is the item you will receive.

This is a genuine Tooth fossil.

Late Cretaceous through to the Eocene 100 million to 50 million years ago

Often referred to as the Sabre-toothed herring. Enchodus actually appears to be more related to Salmon. The teeth are perfect for biting in small slippery prey like fish as well as cephalopods like squid and are speared in a mouth that has a wide gap. Together these features reveal that while the teeth were great for prey capture they could not pull off smaller chunks of flesh. Instead, once the prey had been speared by the teeth. Enchodus probably used a series of rapid jaw opening and closing movements to work its body over the prey. 


Please be aware of the nature of fossils:

Being buried under the ground for millions of years under tons of pressure tends to be rough. No fossil comes out of the ground whole and perfect. Most fossils have undergone some restoration, while others are altered by man simply to enhance their presentation in different ways. The workers in Morocco do a very professional job, of unearthing and preserving these natural treasures, however, commonly natural cracks are visible on the surface. These are part of the natural beauty of the fossil and are not considered defects.

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