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5.5" Triceratops Fossil Frill Bone Hell Creek FM Cretaceous Dinosaur MT COA, Stand


Location: Hell Creek Formation, Montana (Private Land Origin)

Weight: 10.5 Ounces (With Metal Stand)

Dimensions: 7.5 Inches Long 3.4 Inches Wide, 2 Inches Thick (With Metal Stand)

Fossil Dimensions: 5.5 Inches Long 3.1 Inches Wide, 0.9 Inches Thick

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Comes with a Free Stand.

The item pictured is the one you will receive. 

This is a genuine fossil.

late Cretaceous 66-68 million years old.

 Name: Triceratops

Type: Herbivore

Size: 8 to 9 meters long.

Triceratops is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaurs that first appeared during the Late Cretaceous period about 68 million years ago and weighed about 5 to 9 metric tons. They are large quadrupedal ceratopsian dinosaurs with three prominent horns and a bone frill at the back of their skull. Triceratops had a large skull in comparison to its body size, with a short neck frill that rose up from the back and three horns. The two horns that rose up from above the eyes were the largest, while the nasal horn that pointed up from the snout was much smaller. In addition to its three prominent horns, it possessed numerous small spikes that bordered the margin of the expanded frill of bone at the back of the skull. It shared the landscape with and was probably preyed upon by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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