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1.9" Fossil Shrimp Carpopenaeus Cretaceous Age 100 Mil Yrs Old Lebanon COA


Location: Cenomanian Formation, Hjoula Lebanon

Weight: 5.1 Ounces

Dimensions: 3.5 Inches Long, 2.5 Inches Wide 0.5 Inches Thick (Plate)

Shrimp Dimensions: 1.9 Inches Long, 0.8 Inches Wide

Comes with a Certificate of  Authenticity.

The item pictured is the one you will receive.

This is a genuine fossil

100 million years old Cretaceous Age.

Wel-preserved fossil Shrimp (Carpopenaeus) in the matrix. This Shrimp is from the Cretaceous 100 million years old These fossil deposits were first mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus where he said there were "fish in the stones". Unlike many lower-quality specimens from this location, these shrimp have no color enhancement or restoration.

The Cretaceous limestone deposits of Lebanon are rich with an amazing diversity of fauna. Fossils from these deposits easily rival those from Solnhofen in Germany and share with Solnhofen the phenomenon of fossils often being the same color as the limestone matrix. The limestone deposits of Sahel Alma, Hajoula, and Haqel, Lebanon date to the Cenomanian Stage of the Middle Cretaceous, some 100 million years ago, and are most famous for exquisitely fossil fish preservation, but also produce a diversity of other well-preserved invertebrate fossils such as shrimp and lobsters.

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