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1.8" Daspletosaurus Tyrannosaur Serrated Fossil Tooth Cretaceous Dinosaur COA


Location: Judith River Formation, Hill County, Montana (Private Land Origin)

Weight: 0.8 Ounces 

Dimensions: 1.8 Inches Long, 0.9 Inches Wide, 0.6 Inches Thick

Comes with a free Acrylic Base. (Stand) & Mineral Tack

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The item pictured is the one you will receive.

This is a real fossil tooth.

Name: Daspletosaurus

Type: Carnivore

Size: 8-9 meters long

Daspletosaurus is a genus of tyrannosaurid dinosaur that lived about 79.5 and 74 million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous Period. It had the largest teeth of any of the tyrannosaurids, larger even than those of Tyrannosaurus rex. And, with its formidable teeth and jaws, clawed feet, and sheer bulk, Daspletosaurus was easily capable of killing even the largest of its herbivorous prey. They had a massive skull that could reach more than 1 meter in length. Each tooth was dagger-sharp, curved and saw-edged, and also had a pair of small, two-fingered hands. It had pronounced crests in front of and behind the eyes, giving it a distinctive appearance. Daspletosaurus was between 9 and 10 meters long and weighed between 3 and 4 tonnes, making it the 4th largest known Tyrannosaurid.

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