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1.8" Chalcopyrite Bornite Brilliant Multicolored Peacock Ore Chihuahua Mexico


Location: Chihuahua, Mexico

Weight: 4.7 Ounces

Dimensions: 1.8 Inches Long, 1.7 Inches Wide, 1.3 Inches Thick

The item pictured is the one you will receive.

Peacock Ore, also known as bornite, is a colorful copper-iron sulfide mineral that is commonly found in Mexico. It is named after its iridescent blue, purple, and gold colors, which resemble the feathers of a peacock. Peacock ore is highly valued for its unique appearance and is often used in jewelry and ornamental objects.

Peacock ore is primarily found in the state of Chihuahua in northern Mexico. The mineral occurs in copper mines and is typically associated with other copper minerals such as chalcopyrite and chalcocite. The Chihuahua region has a long history of copper mining, and peacock ore has been extracted from several mines in the area.

One of the most famous locations for peacock ore in Mexico is the Milpillas Mine, located near Cananea in Sonora state. This mine has produced some of the finest specimens of peacock ore, known for their intense colors and well-defined crystal formations. The Milpillas Mine is renowned among mineral collectors and has contributed significantly to the availability of high-quality peacock ore on the market.



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