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1.7" Carcharodontosaurus Fossil Tooth Cretaceous Dinosaur Morocco COA, Stand


Location: Kem Kem, Morocco

Weight: 0.4 Ounces

Dimensions: 1.7 Inches Long, 1.1 Inches Wide, 0.5 Inches Thick

Comes with a free Acrylic Base. (Stand) & Mineral Tack.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The item pictured is the one you will receive. 

This is a real fossil.

Name: Carcharodontosaurus

Type: Carnivore

Size: 12 meters in length.

Carcharodontosaurus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur that existed during the Cenomanian age of the Late Cretaceous in Northern Africa. It was one of the largest Carcharadontosaurids, rivalling Tyrannotitan and Sauroniops in size, and being slightly smaller than Giganotosaurus and grew to be about 12 meters long, about 3.5 meters tall at the hips and around 7 tonnes in weight. Its arms were somewhat short, but still longer than T. rex's and were quite strong and had three claws on each hand. It had a large head with over 60, 20 cm (8 inch), blade-like teeth, which were designed to pierce and tear apart the flesh of its prey, which may have consisted of dinosaurs such as young sauropods and ornithopods.

1.3" Carcharodontosaurus Fossil Tooth Cretaceous Dinosaur Morocco COA, Stand

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