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1.4" Polished Natural Amazonite Palm Stone Mineral Specimen Madagascar


Location: Madagascar

Weight: 1.3 Ounces 

Dimension: 1.4 Inches Long, 1.3 Inches Wide, 0.8 Inches Thick

The item pictured is the one you will receive.

Amazonite is an extremely ancient gemstone that has been prized for its beauty and healing powers for many centuries. This pale green mineral rock has been carved into statues, amulets, and gemstones for jewelry and has had important texts carved on it in times long past Amazonite is still appreciated to this day for all of its uses, benefits, and beauty.

Amazonite mineral rock has an extremely long and storied history that is at the heart of Amazonite's meaning. The people of pre-Columbian South and Central America treasured amazonite rock. The pale green mineral rock is believed to have been treasured as far back as the 10th century BC. According to legend, the warrior women of the ancient Amazon tribe in Brazil used amazonite stones to adorn their shields, cure illnesses, and heal wounds, uses that are all at the heart of amazonite stone meaning. It is believed they gave a piece of Amazonite rock to the men who visited them.

Conquistadors adorned themselves in amazonite gemstones. They also appreciated how easy it was to carve the pale green mineral rock into various shapes.

Ancient Egyptians carved Chapter Seven, The Judgment of Osiris, of the Book of the Dead onto slabs of amazonite rock and adorned themselves in jewelry made from amazonite stones. They believed amazonite stones were a symbol of fertility and good luck. They carved amazonite stones into amulets that were thought to strengthen one's reproductive abilities, one of the amazonite benefits at the root of amazonite meaning. A scarab ring and a number of other objects carved from green amazonite were found with the treasures of Tutankhamun.

Amazonite also referred to as "The Amazon Stone," was named after the Amazon River in South America. It is believed to have been discovered in the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. However, there are no longer any deposits of this pale green mineral rock found in the Amazon River Basin area. Amazonite is present in other parts of Brazil, though. Amazonite rock is also found in Colorado and Virginia in the United States, Australia, and Madagascar.

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