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Apophyllite Crystals Grouping On Stilbite Crystal Red Mineral From India 11.4 Ounces


From: Jalgaon, India

Weight: 11.4 Ounces

Dimension: 3.3 Inches Long, 3.1 Inches Wide, 1.6 Inches Thick

The item pictured is the one you will receive.

Stilbite crystal is a hydrous calcium sodium and aluminum silicate mineral. The English name Stilbite is from the Greek "Stilbein" which means "to shine" due to the wonderful luster of this mineral which is pearlescent on its faces.  Stilbite is considered "brittle" in tenacity and is found on the Moh's scale of hardness at only a 3.5-4 (a Diamond is a 10).

Most commonly found colorless, or white, this mineral crystal can also be found in yellows, browns, pinks, salmons and oranges, reds, greens, blues, or even black.  More common in Iceland and Nova Scotia, it can also be found in the United States in certain areas of New Jersey in tan colors, while peach or Salmon colored varieties can be found in India and near Bombay, while some areas of Alaska can yield the beautiful whites (Kiui Island).

This mineral grows in the cavities of volcanic rocks, and hydrothermal veins, and is often located together with quartz, or calcite, or other zeolites.  This mineral is used in the process of petroleum refining due to the open channels it contains that act as a sieve on the molecular level.

Apophyllite can be a beautiful mineral, forming in lustrous, transparent crystals that are well-formed and occasionally very large. Though it is found worldwide in volcanic Zeolite environments, the Indian traprock quarries have produced lots of this mineral in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, making Apophyllite affordable. Apophyllite almost always occurs together with Zeolites, especially in traprack environments.

Apophyllite, whose name roughly means "to leaf apart" in Greek, is a mineral classic. It was given its name because crystals tend to peel or flake apart when they are heated due to the loss of water molecules.

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