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Who Discovered Dinosaur Fossils?

The bigger question that everyone might ask is who discovered the first dinosaur fossil. In 1677, Robert Plot was credited with discovering the first dinosaur bone. But a professor of Geology at Oxford University, William Buckland, correctly identified dinosaur skin fossils.

Buckland also acted as the unofficial curator of the museum of the campus, and he also traveled the world finding specimens for its collections. During his trip in 1815 in England, he found bones of an animal that were very similar, which was once discovered by Robert Plot. By examining the bones of its teeth, jaw, and limbs, he concluded in 1824 that they must be some extinct, carnivorous lizard. He named this ‘Megalosaurus’, but he did not know that his specimen was a dinosaur. Buckland was the first person to name a species of the dinosaur before the word ‘dinosaur’ was even invented. 

In 1822, Mary Ann Mantell discovered fossilized bones in Sussex, England. By further examination, it was concluded that they looked similar to an iguana skeleton. That’s why the fossil reptile was named Iguanodon. In this way, the second dinosaur gets a name. 

Later in 1842, Sir Richard Owen named the family of fossils “Dinosauria,” which means “terrible lizard.” With that, the name “dinosaur” was coined. In 1881, Owen founded London’s Natural History Museum, which is still very popular for its dinosaur bones collection and dinosaur tooth fossils.


For centuries, people throughout the world have discovered different fossilized bones and footprints. Paleontologists use fossil evidence preserved in ancient rock to discover how long-extinct animals lived and behaved. The discovery of dinosaur eggs also provided evidence for the behavior of some dinosaurs. 

Important clues about non-avian dinosaurs are provided by fossilized jaws, teeth, and dung. It tells a lot about what they ate. Paleontologists who are looking for dinosaur fossils begin their work by surveying areas to find the sedimentary rock. They also work in labs where they spend a lot of time classifying specimens, examining their characteristics, and determining their biological relationships. 

Studies are still continuing for the examination of the fossils of the dinosaurs so that a conclusion can be drawn about how dinosaurs grew. 

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