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Real Dinosaur Fossils For Sale – A Wonderful Opportunity You Should Not Miss

Something extraordinary and delicate has been found in the fossil record. It includes microscopic fossils of extinct plankton or the complete skeleton of a massive dinosaur.

One of the enormous carnivorous dinosaurs ever discovered is an 18m long Spinosaurus. Almost everything about Spinosauras defies traditional thoughts about carnivorous dinosaurs.

Spinosaurus is the only family of semi-aquatic dinosaurs. They are known to have long, narrow skulls, resemble crocodiles, and their jaws were lined with conical teeth instead of the curved, blade-like ziphodont teeth of most theropods.

Real Dinosaur Fossils

Spinosaurus had long elongated neutral spines forming a massive dorsal sail. However, in some species, the spines in the namesake sail measure more than 2 meters in length, providing the framework for an impressive structure that the world would rise high above the water.

According to some scientists, the sail was just a “fatty hump.” But when detailed reconstruction was carried out in 2014, it was concluded that skin and user for display likely converted the spines.

About Spinosaurus tooth

Spinosaurus Fossil Tooth

Each Spinosauras tooth varies in size, width, and color. The smaller one is approximately 2.5- 4.5 cm, the medium one is 4.5- 5.5 cm, the large one is 5.5 – 7.5 cm, and the extra-large one having 10 cm – 12.5 cm.

Small, medium and large teeth of Spinosaurus are shipped in a glass-topped Riker box case. The extra-large ones are shipped in a sturdy shipping carton as they are too large for display cases.

All teeth include a small information card that serves as a certificate of authenticity.

Real dinosaur bones for sale – A chance to grab

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Final thoughts:

Spinosaurus is the carnivorous species of dinosaurs that ever existed. Also, real dinosaur fossils and bones are available on sale now. If you are curious to buy them, contact Fossil Age Minerals.

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