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Purchase Different Fossil Teeth from Fossil Age Minerals

Many archeologists like collecting fossil teeth of different dinosaurs and animals that lived in the past era. The teeth fossil provides archeologists with various information to study more about the animal or they want to add them to their collection. Fossil Age Minerals offers you a fantastic collection of fossils at competitive pricing if you are also searching for fossils for further study or just for your collection. Here are tooth fossils you can purchase from our website. 

  1. Albertosaurus Teeth Fossil  

The remains of Albertosaurus were first discovered in 1884 by Joseph B. Tyrrell in the Horseshoe Canyon of Alberta, Canada. It had a shorter, lower skull and shorter hip bones. The lower jaw of Albertosaurus has almost around 14-16 teeth, and the upper jaw consists of 17-19 sharp teeth making it easy to hunt prey quickly. If you want fossil teeth of Albertosaurus, you can purchase them from the collection available on our website.

  1. Centrosaurus Teeth Collection 

Centrosaurus was first discovered in 1904 by Lawrence Lambe near Alberta, Canada. The dinosaur had a big curved nasal horn and sharply hooked spikes on its neckline. Being a herbivore, its teeth differ from other herbivore animals. It had sharp teeth that were enough to tear through the plant material. In our collection, you can find different teeth fossils of this dinosaur available for purchase.

  1. Pterosaur Teeth Collection

The Pterosaur was a flying reptile that lived in the Mesozoic era. The skeleton of the Pterosaur was light, and its skin had strong muscles and tendons. Its teeth were located in the front of its mouth to capture fish easily. Their teeth were small, thin, sharp, and needle-like to grab the slippery fish. If you are interested in purchasing pterosaur teeth, explore the complete collection available on the website.

  1. Phytosaur Teeth Fossil

Phytosaurs were an extinct group of semi-aquatic Upper Triassic archosaurs that lived during the Late Triassic Period. These dinosaurs were known for their close resemblance to modern-day crocodiles in size, appearance, and lifestyle. The animal had sharp cone-shaped teeth, like crocodiles, to hunt fishes and other marine animals. Our skilled excavators have collected its teeth fossils for people who love collecting fossils. You can get them at the best prices at Fossil Age Minerals.

  1. Platecarpus Teeth Collection

Platecarpus is an extinct genus of aquatic lizards that belonged to the mosasaur family of dinosaurs and lived around 75 million years ago during the end of the Cretaceous period. Its fossils were first found in Belgium and the United States. The animal had a long and flattened tail and steering flippers. It had a deadly tooth jaw that was enough to tear the skin of its prey. The species mostly fed on fish and ammonites. Its teeth fossils are very difficult to find; however, you can get them on our website. 

Get Hold of More Fossils at Fossil Age Minerals

These were some collections of fossils. If you want to purchase turtle fossils and other fossils at competitive rates, contact Fossil Age Minerals. We offer all fossil lovers a fantastic collection of different animal fossils for their fossil collection. Contact us today to know more about our fossil collection. 

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