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Albertosaurus & Other Fossils For Sale - Grab A Deal Now!

Discovered in 1884 by Joseph B. Tyrrell in Alberta, Canada's Horseshoe Canyon, Albertosaurus was categorized as part of a distinct species. It resembles Tyrannosaurid dinosaurs, particularly its sister, the Gorgosaurus. In 1905, Henry Fairfield Osborn gave it the name Albertosaurus. So, if you are interested in buying Albertosaurus Fossils for sale, you are in the right place. 

Along with that, you can also find various animal and plant fossils for sale, including Ankylosaur and Brachylophosaurus.

Albertosaurus Fossils for sale

Albertosaurus had the appearance of a small Tyrannosaurus. Like others of its kind, it was a bipedal predator with a long and thick tail to balance its large head and s-shaped neck. It had around 60 banana-shaped teeth in its jaw. It also featured short crests over the eyes, which were possibly colored and utilized for exhibition at one time. Like the Tyrannosaurus, it had uselessly short arms, with two clawed fingers on each arm.

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Ankylosaur fossils for sale

Are you looking for Ankylosaur fossils for sale? First, let's grab some knowledge about it. Ankylosaurus is one of the World's most enormous armor-plated dinosaurs. This beast measured over 30 feet long, 6 feet broad, 4 feet tall, and weighed around 4 tonnes. Its leathery skin has many enormous oval plates fused into it, which covered the dinosaur's whole body except for its belly, which would have been uncovered. 

This dinosaur also featured two rows of spikes running down its body, enormous horns on the top of its skull, and a spiked club-like tail. It needed all of this armor to protect itself against apex predators like the T Rex, Deinonychus, and Tarbosaurus. Any of these predators could only be wounded in one of two ways. The only way any of these predators could injure the Ankylosaurus was to assault the dinosaur's underbelly, where there had no armor.

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Brachylophosaurus Fossils for sale

Brachylophosaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur of medium size that belonged to the hadrosaur family. Several skeletons and bonebed material from Montana's Judith River Formation and Alberta's Oldman Formation have been discovered.

A bony crest, a flat, paddle-like plate across the top of the head, was present on this species. Some people had crests that covered practically the whole skull roof, while others had crests that were shorter and narrower. The forelimbs are also abnormally long, and the upper jaw's beak is more significant than that of other contemporary hadrosaurs.

Brachylophosaurus hadrosaur grew 9 meters long as an adult (30 ft). Brachylophosaurus, like other hadrosaurs, had cheeks to keep food in its mouth while it chewed with its hundreds of closely spaced teeth. These teeth might be used to chew efficiently, a trait found in Ornithischia like Brachylophosaurus but not in reptiles.

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