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XL 3.2" Natural Emerald Peridot Crystal Minerals On Volcanic Rock Gila, Arizona


Location: Gila, Arizona 

Weight: 11.2 Ounces

Dimensions: 3.2 Inches Long, 2.7 Inches Wide, 1.8 Inches Thick 

The item pictured is the one you will receive.

Peridot has been considered an important green mineral rock for over 3500 years. Because this olive-green gemstone is not considered as valuable as emeralds, it is also called "the poor man's emerald." Peridot gemstones are always olive green but they can be a little more yellow-olive green or brown-olive green.

Ancient Romans enjoyed admiring the peridot color by candlelight or in the warm glow of a campfire. Historians believe that some, if not all, of Cleopatra's emeralds, were peridot gemstones. The Crusaders brought green peridot to Europe where it was commonly used in medieval church decorations. It is believed by some that peridot gemstones were used to adorn the breastplates of Jewish high priests. The popularity of green peridot blossomed briefly during the Baroque era. Napolean gave peridot gemstones to Josephine as a symbol of his love and admiration for her.

Peridot has been mined on Zabargad or St. John Island located in the Red Sea since it became popular in 1500 BC. Zabargad is a volcanic island which is the type of area peridot is commonly found. Peridot rock is formed deep in the earth's mantle which has a great deal to do with peridot meaning. The crystals are created in magma that originates in the upper mantle. The green mineral rocks are brought to the earth's surface by shifts in tectonic plates or volcanic eruptions.

High-quality peridot stones are mined in Burma, Pakistan, and Vietnam today. Peridot deposits are also located in Australia, Brazil, China, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania as well as in Arizona and Hawaii in the United States. The most prolific producer of peridot is currently China. Peridot is a type of olivine that has been found on the moon, Mars and in meteors that have fallen to earth. The planet Saturn is symbolized by peridot.

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