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2.7" Leptauchenia Decora Oreodont Fossil Bone Skull Cap Miocene Age Badlands SD


Location: South Dakota, White River Formation, Pennington County

Weight: 8.4 Ounces 

Dimensions 2.7 Inches Long, 2.6 Inches Wide, 2.5 Inches Wide

The Item Pictured is The One You Will Receive.  

Lived in the Miocene Age 17.6 Million Years Ago

Leptauchenia Decora is an extinct goat-like genus of terrestrial herbivore belonging to the oreodont family Merycoidodontidae, and the type genus of the tribe Leptaucheniini. The genus was endemic to North America during the Late Oligocene to Early Miocene and lived for approximately 17.6 million years.

Oreodonts are extinct Artiodactylids most closely related to camels and pigs, with no close relatives living today. All are herbivorous, browsing on a diet of leaves and young shoots. Oreodonts fed on different types of vegetation than many modern artiodactyls do and therefore occupied an ecologically different niche than many living ungulates. Found only in North America, oreodonts would eventually rival the large and diverse extant populations of modern bovid artiodactyls in Africa (antelopes, wildebeest, and buffalo) or the equally diverse populations of deer and goats of Asia.

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