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0.6 Trichechus SP Fossil Manatee Tooth Pleistocene Epoch Withlacoochee River, FL


Location: Withlacoochee River, Florida, United States 

Weight: 0.6 Ounces 

Dimensions: 1.5 Inches Long, 1.5 Inches Thick, 0.7 Inches Thick (Display)

Tooth Dimensions: 0.6 Inches Long, 0.5 Inches Wide, 0.3 Inches Thick

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Comes with a Free Display. 

The item pictured is the one you will receive.

Pleistocene Epoch 2.6 Million Year Old 

 Trichechus SP.

The average body length of an adult West Indian manatee is approximately 3 meters but some individuals can reach a length of 4.5 meters including the tail. The average weight of these manatees ranges between 200 and 600 kg, however, the largest individuals can weigh up to 1,500 kg. These upper figures are unusual in manatees and females generally reach greater lengths and weights than the males of the species. Newborns measure between 1.2 and 1.4 meters and weigh approximately 30 kg. The adults are grey or brown whereas newborns are darker, a coloration they lose at about one month.

Manatees are somewhat seal-shaped with forelimbs (flippers) adapted for completely aquatic life and no hind limbs. Lungs extend the length of the animal's body, which is important in controlling position in the water column. Hair is distributed sparsely over the body and the surface layer of skin is continually sloughing off. This is believed to reduce the build-up of algae on their skin.

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