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Natural Rainbow Calsilica Specimen Pendant Bisbee, Arizona .925 Silver Wire Wrapped - Fossil Age Minerals

Natural Rainbow Calsilica Specimen Pendant Bisbee, Arizona .925 Silver Wire Wrapped


From: Bisbee, Arizona

Weight: 0.5 Ounces 

Dimensions: 2.3 Inches Tall, 1.1 Inches Wide, 0.3 Inches Thick

.925 Serling Silver

The Item pictured is the one you will receive.  

Rainbow Calsilica with solid stripes of vibrant colors it is bright and vivid. By drawing forth the energy from all the colors that it presents, it is carved into the beautiful imaginative jewelry. It is a unique protector, drawing vitality from the manikin all the colors that it exhibits it creates a defensive shield against negative energies and emotional approach. When turquoise mixed with orange and combination of different colors Red, greens, blacks, blues, mustard yellows, browns as well as salmon colors, then it is supposed to cleanse the aura of the wearing individual.

The stone of vertical rainbow gets the mind balanced of the wearer and influence the actions and emotions of the being. As a visual banquet, it induces the flow of ideas and conveys confidence, persistence to carry things through to completion. Rainbow Calsilica inspires creativity in many subject areas and helps to realize the inherent perfection and harmonious balance of nature and the cosmos. This wondrous to look at stir the qualities of aspiration, devotion, and perseverance.

Urbanized from a mine located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, Rainbow Calsilica is known to be produced from an artificial sedimentary rock made by human beings. It is built up of calcium carbonate (calcite) and man-made coloring pigments (paraffin) along with man-made bonding agents (resin). This stone is a microcrystalline calcite creation bonded naturally or synthetically with the clay mineral called allophane. Silicon dioxide is present in a vein matter as it pushes cut the fabric and its stabilization process is alike as that of turquoise. The basic makeup of this stone is calcite that has artist’s pigments in the gloomy, yellowish, and greenish layers while in reddish layer hematite is present and Celestine in the pitch-dark (black). Natural or not, it is a beautiful stone to endure. Being the show stopper from many years, it is advised to grab this gem for its excellent healing properties.

About the Artist

Rowan Rose-Morgan 

Rowan Rose-Morgan is a member of the Gem and Mineral Society of the Virginia Peninsula.  Her association with the organization began in the mid 70’s.  She has also been a member of the Kingsport Gem and Mineral Society of Kingsport, TN as well.  Rowan’s gorgeous designs have been published in Wire Artist Magazine (September 2002, December 2003, February 2004), and she can boast truthfully on having the cover story for the same magazine.   Having a teacher’s heart, and loving to share her amazing craft, Rowan has been teaching wirework since 1998.  Rowan selects and cuts her own cabochons prior to applying her skills with wire working.  Her attention to detail and passion for her art is evident in each hand-selected piece she crafts.

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