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12" Crocodile Scute Armor Dermal Plate Fossil Bones Dinosaur Age Morocco Stand

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Location: Phosphate Fields, Morocco 

Weight: 3 Pounds 7.6 Ounces

Dimensions: 12 Inches Long, 8 Inches Wide, 2 Inches Thick (Matrix)

Dermal Plate Dimensions one: 3.4 Inches Long, 2.1 Inches Wide 

Dermal Plate Dimensions Two: 2.9 Inches Long, 2.8 Inches Wide

Dermal Plate Dimensions Three: 3 Inches Long, 3 Inches Wide 

Fish Plate Dimension: 3.3 Inches Long, 2.3 Inches Wide

The item pictured is the one you will receive. 

Cretaceous Age through to the Eocene Age 

Top beautiful specimen. A Cranial dermal plate of an indeterminate crocodile from the Upper Cretaceous. It is common to find the teeth of many varieties of crocodiles in this Cretaceous region of North Africa. However, finding cranial dermal plates is more difficult. 

The crocodile rests represent a high percentage of the faunal association of the Cretaceous in the north of Morocco. However, its specific identification presents an enormous complexity. Even the genus identification is very complicated if only dentition rests are available. Many fossil sellers that work with pieces from this area, label their crocodile teeth as belonging to the huge crocodile of the Sarcosuchus sp genus --however, it is not present in this zone of Africa. 

Next, we will list the crocodile species described so far in the North African Cretaceous:

- Aegisuchus witmeri (Holliday & Gardner, 2012)

- Araripesuchus rattoides (Sereno & Larsson, 2009)

- Elosuchus cherifiensis (Lavocat, 1955)

- Hamadasuchus rebouli (Buffetaut, 1994)

- Kemkemia auditorei (Cau & Maganuco, 2009)


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