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1.2" Tenontosaurus Fossil Vertebrae Bone Cloverly FM Cretaceous Dinosaur MT COA


Location: Cloverly Formation, Southern Montana (Private Land Origin)

Weight: 0.8 Ounces

Dimensions: 0.9 Inches Long 0.9 Inches Wide 0.9 Inches Thick 

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The item pictured is the one you will receive. 

This is a genuine fossil.

Cretaceous Age 125 Million Years ago. 

Tenontosaurus was a medium-sized bird-footed dinosaur. Living in the early Cretaceous Period, this plant-eater spent its time crouched on all fours foraging for food, or standing on its rear legs trying to reach food high in the treetops. Tenontosaurus probably spend most of its time walking on its rear legs, while using its front legs to grasp objects and also defend itself. Discovered in North America and named in 1970 by John Ostrom, Tenontosaurus had a beak similar to other bird-footed dinosaurs.

Name: Tenontosaurus (Sinew Lizard)

Diet: Herbivore

Size: 6.5 -8 Meters long

Known Location: Western North America

Time Period: Early Cretaceous 125 Million Years ago. 

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