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Fossil Crab Pinnixa Galliheri Pea Crab Monterey Cty San Luis Obispo Miocene Epoch


Location: San Luis Obispo County, California Monterey Formation

Weight: 9.2 Ounces 

Dimensions: 3.4 Inches Long, 3 Inches Wide, 1.1 Inches Thick (Plate)

Crab Dimensions: 0.6 Inches Long, 0.3 Inches Wide

The item pictured is the one you will receive. 

Pinnixa Galliheri Pea Crab Fossil

Miocene Epoch 8 Million Years old

Pinnixa Galliheri Pea Crab Fossil Discovered along California's central coast, these crabs are found in the abundant shale south of Monterey Bay, the Monterey Shale. In a very specific layer, dating to 8 million years ago, we find primarily pea crab fossils preserved in incredible detail in the shale. Typical of a tropical coastal environment, these pea crabs are also found among the remains of fish, pine needles and cones, palm fronds, and a few other species of crabs.

The genus of pea crabs, Pinnixa, still live today and even along the California Coastline, from Baja to the Pacific Northwest these crabs are abundant in the Western Pacific.

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