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4.5" Diplodocus Bone Fossil Morrison FM Wyoming Jurassic Age Dinosaur COA


Location: Morrison Formation, North Wyoming

Weight: 13.5 Ounces 

Dimensions: 4.5 Inches Long, 3.7 Inches Wide, 1.5 Inches Thick

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Come with a Free Stand.

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Jurassic Age 161 - 145 million years old.

Name: Diplodocus (Double beam).

Diet: Herbivore.

Size: larger individuals estimated at up to 33 meters long.

Known locations: USA, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming - Morrison Formation.

Time period: Kimmeridgian to Tithonian of the Jurassic.

Diplodocus was gigantic dinosaurs found in North America as fossils from the Late Jurassic Period Diplodocus is perhaps the most commonly displayed dinosaur. It, along with sauropods such as Apatosaurus, belongs to a related subgroup of dinosaurs called diplodocids, members of which were some of the longest land animals that ever lived.

The skull of Diplodocus was unusually small and rather light. Elongate like that of a horse, it sat atop a very long neck; the brain was extremely small. The body was comparatively light and was well supported by limb girdles and pillarlike legs. While most of these dinosaurs weighed slightly more than 30 tons, some members of the genus may have weighed as much as 80 tons.

The tail was very long and probably extremely flexible. It most likely provided an anchoring site for the powerful hind leg muscles. The tail may also have functioned as a defensive weapon that could lash out at predators with great force. At some distance down the tail, certain arched structures beneath the tail vertebrae change in shape from spoon-like to canoelike. This flattening of the arches occurs at approximately the same height as where the base of the tail is located above the ground, which suggests that the tail could have been used as a prop for the hindlimbs. This arrangement may have enabled the animal to rear up on its back legs to feed on high vegetation.

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